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Hi! I work on fathom and with it I'm trying to change how the world learns. You can reach me at jared(at)awarm.space or as @jrdprr on twitter


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These are some more long-term projects I'll be embarking on.

How this site is built

Check out the full source here.

The whole thing is a series of org files. (org-mode is an emacs mode and markup language for doing all sorts of stuff) We use org-babel for writing scripts to dyamically generate content like the blogroll above.

The first script below goes into the index file of the blog and builds it by executing all the org-babel blocks within. Then the next one takes the first 3 blog posts and adds them here!

(find-file "./blog/index.org")
(org-babel-execute-buffer )
cat blog/index.org | sed -n '6,8p' | sed -e 's/file:/file:blog\//g' -e '/:END:/d'

Finally it's all run through this bash script which keeps the directory structure and uses pandoc to generate html. It's a pretty tiny setup, but it was fun to put together!

It's all run and served via netlify which has pandoc support, is hella fast and has easy https!