a warm space


Here I'm trying to capture the formal ways in which I organize my work.


I organize a lot of my digital life using org-mode. I use it for note taking, outlining, occasionally programming.

Critical to my workflow is capture templates.

  ("l" "link" entry
    (file+headline "~/org/links.org" "Buffer")
    "* [[%^{url}][%^{title}]]")
  ("t" "task" entry
    (file+headline "~/org/tasks.org" "Buffer")
    "* TODO %^{title}
  ("j" "journal" plain
    (file+olp+datetree "~/org/journal.org" )
    "    - %U: %?")
  ("w" "writing" entry
    (file+headline "~/org/projects/writing.org" "Ideas")
    "* %?")

I have four templates:

  • l for links
  • t for tasks (I rarely use this one)
  • j for notes in my journal
  • w for ideas for things I may write about


I have a single file called links into which goes links to anything I might care to remember. I tag them using org's tagging system, which lets me filter through them fairly easily.

The goal is to quickly and easily be able to store and retreive references that, as well as pull out general trends.


  • organize links into read and unread


My journalling habit is based on recursive reviewing and condensing.

Throughout the day I capture little notes on events or thoughts I have using a capture template C-c c j.

At the start of every day I look over the previous days notes and compile a journal entry.

Then, at the start of the week I look over those of the previous week and compile those. Every month I do the same looking over those weekly reviews.

Finally every year I look over it all and do one overall review, together with resolutions/intentions for the next year.

Perhaps if I keep this going for a decade I can do a decade review.

My goal for this practice is two fold. Firstly, I want to have a record of how I spend my time and what impacted me over a given time period. Secondly, I want to have an "anchor point" to reflect on my habits and systems as I implement them.


  • have weekly/monthly goals, reflect on them
  • tie this into task management


I use a capture template (C-c c w) to add to a list of raw ideas or sparks.

I then have a section in the same file for outlines, which expand on ideas.

I have a habit to remind me to publish something at least once a week.


  • Extend the habit to moving ideas to outline and then drafts
  • Incorporate publishing tweets or the like