Several different tools are important for my workflow, here I want to just document them, together with how I use them, and any related configuration.


I use org-mode to write just about everything. I use it to take notes, write outlines, and to organize my todos (still getting the hang of that one).

It's a simple markup format, combining hierarchical headers with many rich features and a great interface together with emacs.

Capture Templates

Capture templates are a major entry point to a lot of my workflow. They allow me to drop structured text into specific files with accessible shortcuts, wherever I am in emacs.

      ("l" "link" entry
       (file+headline "~/org/" "Buffer")
       "* [[%^{url}][%^{title}]]")
      ("t" "task" entry
       (file+headline "~/org/" "Buffer")
       "* TODO %^{title}
      ("j" "journal" plain
       (file+olp+datetree "~/org/" )
       "    - %U: %?")
      ("i" "idea" entry
       (file+headline "~/org/notes/" "Ideas")
       "* %?")


I love org, but it does have it's set of problems. By far the main one is that it's extremely wed to emacs. There are some interesting projects building external parsers for it, orgasjs and org-rs, but they're pretty early stage. Other markup formats, like markdown or ReStructured Text, have a much wider adoption.


I use git to version control all sorts of things, including this repo! I rely heavily on magit to get things done, but I do head to the commandline from time to time.

For my personal projects (like my blog and this repository) the git workflow is fairly minimal, but I do try to keep commits atomic to a single "feature". For collaborative projects the workflow is a little more elaborative, generally based on merge requests on gitlab.

I try to prioritize a clean commit log, though I only really occasionaly search through it.


Since a lot of my work is in plain text grep let's me quickly search through them all.

Specifically I use ripgrep because it seems to work "out of the box" better.

It integrates into emacs together with projectile to allow me to quickly search the directories I'm in, and jump to the files where I need to. This is invaluable when trying to recall links or old notes.

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