I'm meditating every day, essentially first thing in the morning. I'm capturing some of my thoughts here.

I've been referencing "The Mind Illuminated"


Journalling is an important habit for me. I'm trying to think of it as an "anchor" for other things I do, like task management and goal setting.

Throughout each day I'll record notes on events or thoughts I have. At the start of each day I'll look over the notes from the day previously and compile them, plus anything else I remember into a breif entry. The goal here is not to do any analysis but just to capture what happened.

At the start of each week I'll look over the previous weeks notes and compile it into a weekly review. Then, at the start of each month I'll compile those reviews into something more.

Finally every year I look over it all and do one overall review, together with resolutions/intentions for the next year.

Perhaps if I keep this going for a decade I can do a decade review.

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