Where I'm from

This is a classically difficult questions. These are some different ways I might try to answer it.

History and Places

My parents were born and raised in Pune, India. Their great grand parents were from Goa, India.

My parents had their first my child, my older sister, in Pune. I was born in Muscat, Oman along with my younger sister. I'm a middle child.

We lived in Oman til I was 6, moved to Kuwait for a couple years, Dubai for a couple more, and then Nairobi, Kenya for 6 and a half.

After my 11th year of school we moved back to Dubai where I graduated high school.

I've spent the last couple years mainly between NYC, Dubai, and travelled to several other countries for shorter periods of time.


My parents and the majority of my extended family are Catholic. My family name is "Pereira" from my father's side and "D'Souza" from my mother's. Both are Portuguese names, taken from the priests who converted families in Goa.

I went to international schools where there were students and teachers from all over, but a majority of Americans. In Kenya, families were brought to the country by diplomacy, multinational companies, and NGOs.

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