What I learned at ConsenSys

It's hard for me to describe ConsenSys comparatively as it constitutes the vast majority of my experience in a workplace. As a result it's shaped my thinking in a lot of ways, influencing what I think works and doesn't, and how I view ecosystems, organizations, teams, and leadership.

about Organizations

  • "Flat" is a very useful lens and a terrible absolute philosophy
  • Changes in organization occur given a shared goal that triggers them. In absence of that organizational inertia takes over.
  • "Self-Organizing" can work at scales at which all members can communicate with each other. (The exact scale is a function of human minds and the technology they use)

about Ethereum

  • ideas succeed in a given time and place
  • The ecosystem is way larger and more distributed than people give it credit for
  • The things created and the work achieved in the last 3 years is incredible and something to be proud of.

about Teamwork

  • Mangement systems are informed by the constraints around them, i.e time, deliverables, organizational structure. You should spend way more effort thinking about those constraints and your goals within them than organizational systems.

  • The creation of artifacts (documentation, design papers, memos, etc) should be tied directly to the default channel of communication between team members.

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