• what would a ebook only digital library look like? What would the funding model be? Membership?

  • how should I organize writing in this site? The current essay section seems arbitrary.

  • collapse of the ways of learning, so much you have to know and the mechanisms you know to learn them won't work


  • DONE: have a linter check for dead relative links, this could be added on to the fix/links checker.
  • a tool to attach files to links to store notes and thoughts
  • could we implement something like Speakeasy with agoric's SES?


  • Garbage is massively underpriced. It's way too easy to just throw things away. This is a root of the waste problem. If people were charged effectively for throwing things away that would naturally feed into purchasing decisions.

  • could you use fathom credentials to vet teachers for a more traditional learning institution? Would it trickle down?

  • moderation/access is the core definition of a social network

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