Local access to books is an important thing to sustain. It's also an important thing to decentralize, but one that's pretty at risk to large monpolozing forces (ahem, amazon).

So how can we scale and sustain a diversity of independant bookstores? One option would be to take from the playbook of the attacker, and build something like Amazon Prime, but for a local context. Some kind of yearly subscription that comes with a host of benefits, anchored by a delivery guarantee.

A neat thing about local bookstores is that they're local, and hence delivery should be a simplified task. Amazon currently offers free 2 day shipping w/ prime, could our local bookstore prime thing offer free next day? or even same day?

This would have to be a service that all bookstores sign up for. Is this essentially deliveroo for books?

What else could this thing offer? Discounts for events for sure, maybe curated collections? subscriptions to literary journals?

The neat thing here is that money from a local community could be directed to it's local bookstore, but a portion of all the subscriptions coming in would be dedicated to infrastructure to support all independant bookstores.

I wonder if infrastructure like library lending could be built on top of this?

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