I don't know what to think about newsletters. They seem to be exploding in popularity.

I was extremely wary for a while, I think as a result of inbox anxiety, but I got around this by creating an email address just for newsletters.

newsletters I follow

  • robin sloans: Internet things, writing, novels, libraries, and newsletters.

  • Little Futures: Ostensibly the output of a consultancy consisting of Tom Critchlow and Brian Dell, the newsletter provides (as the name implies) little futures, related to learning, work, thinking, companies, business.

  • Quoth the Raven: Happenings and insights from the Raven Book Store in lawrence kansas, on bookselling, books, and the bookstore itself.

  • Notes from a small press: Deep into publishing, and all the parts of it, from typesetting to editting, to terms, etc.

  • Jain Family Institute: social science research? ISA's?

  • Nadia Eghbal

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