Can we replicate the structures of a typical learning institution (courses, majors, students) in a network distributed between individual's personal sites.

The goal is to create something that feels meaningful to join, like entering a vibrant social ecosystem like a college campus.


By pushing the substance of a learning institution to the edges learners stay in control of almost all the data they're interacting with, the structure of their courses, their experiences. The only thing that's "centralized" is a list of which students are participating and what courses are available.

This makes it easy to replicate this structure for any kind of learning community, and also allows learners to easily move between different instances of it, because everything of substance lies in their control on their site.

The Protocol


Everything is organized into six week semesters, separated by weeklong orientation weeks. During the orientation weeks people can enroll and create courses

The hope is by giving a concrete time and place for new people to come and join, we can attract and support those who don't already strongly identify with the vibe of the community.


Anyone can enroll in an upcoming semester by submitting a pull request to add a link to their website. The page they link to should contain their profile, what they're interested in learning, and their "transcript", a list of all the courses they've participated in.

Enrolling has minimal requirements. You must be a real person, have a real intention to participate.


After you've enrolled you must complete at least one course to graduate. If you graduate you get a certificate!


Anyone can create a course by creating a page for it on their website and submitting a pull request to add it to the list. There are minimal requirements for course. The organizer must have a clear, coherent plan, the resources necessary to execute it, and intend to do so.

What can courses be?

Almost anything! They should relate to the subject matter at hand and take place over the internet. They also should make use of learners websites as much as they can (though this is not enforced)


The main point of coordination here is with the single website to register students and courses. We could distribute that via "Dorms" and "Departments", basically federate the whole thing.

Minimal version

We could simplify hyperlink.academy to remove semesters and have it just be a collection of courses, and learner's learning pages. We would then have a recurring course which is essentially internet learning 101.

the website / ui

What should people see when they visit hyperlink.academy?

It makes sense to highlight the current state, i.e courses in the current semester, and the upcoming dates, the start of the next semester and orientation week.

We also need to link prominently to


Teaching kids to make websites

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