This is a story about what happens to the baobabs after the little prince is gone.

After the little prince had long left, the baobabs of his home ran their roots deep into it's core, timidly at first but with increasing fervor. Once begun they must, their trunks are precarious on a planet with so little earth to hold.

The baobabs feared the prince but did not resent him for the years he uprooted them. They might've when they were seeds as they were fearful then. It takes an abundance of caution, and luck, to survive floating between stars. But once they made the decision of their lives, to plant and grow, they had no choice but explore the stars the only way they knew how. They saw themselves in the prince.

To leave something is to change it. As the baobas leave their roots transform the planet beneath them. This transformation is not destructive, but temporary. When the time comes, their roots will slowly be crushed by the persistent infitesimal force between the planet, and the mass of the trees, constructed of sunlight, will return to the soil and swell the planet.

Before this moment though, right as their leaves reach their highest point, before they begin they're slow fall, pulled by the gravity of the planet they overcame, the baobabs release their seeds.

The baobabs know their exit is not permanent, just as they know these seeds are not really leaving them. In time all things return, and bring with them the irretrievable history of the places they've been.

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