A homage to Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, we follow a traveller describing the planets they've visited. All planets are real exo-planets humans have discovered thus far.

Visible planets and make this just about trappist-1


Two planets around Teegarden's Star


Trappist-1 System



  • I should describe each planet in depth and how it influences those who settled there
  • The interesting piece here is the interplay between the different planets
  • They're likely tidally locked
  • An option could be to shift this to be about cities with planets serving as the "types" of cities in Inivisible cities

1.The 7 Planets 1. 1b - closest to the star 2. 1c 3. 1d 4. 1e - rockiest 5. 1f 6. 1g 7. 1h - Furthest from the star

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