commandline social network

Imagine a social network where instead of a feed you're greeted with a prompt.

If you want to see a feed you have to enter a command describing the kind of feed you want to see.

Q: what kind of language would be good for describing social feeds?

This is a programmatic social network


Defining a new community is essentially writing a command to see a certain subset of feeds. I could write a command to only pull posts from a certian subset of people.


Identity is a complicated thing on social networks. Perhaps we could enable something interesting here by doing it based on commands.

So when you first join, a temporary key is created for you which is local to that computer. You can then execute a command to associate that key with other's you control. In this way you can build relationships over time between the devices you use, but everyone get's an identity by default.

This (might) require flipping back and forth between


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