I impulse bought a raspberry pi, with the intention of using it as a single purpose writing computer. It currently boots straight into emacs.

Creating a productive environment

The goal here is to have an environment tailor made for expressing my thoughts in words. This means I should be able to just boot it up and get to writing. So, I'll configure X (the display manager) to just run emacs. Theoretically I could boot other programs from emacs but they would be exceedingly difficult to manage and work with.

From there I want to have a single "homebase" for all my writing, so I'll open emacs to the pages directory of my website. Currently this is organized a little haphazardly but I can move around it pretty quickly.

I use syncthing to sync the notes between my laptop.

Configuring the pi

I started with raspbian lite, which included all drivers but no graphical environment or extra programs.

From there I tweaked the services started after booting, using systemd-analyze blame to figure out what was taking the most time. The biggest offender was waiting for dhcpd to get an IP address, followed by waiting for the bluetooth service, both of which were easy to disable.

Possible improvements

  • Just use vim
  • Switch from spacemacs to doomemacs or vanilla emacs and build it up from there. The main things I need are: org-mode, markdown-mode, fuzzy file searching, a file viewer.
  • Accept the slow boot time, use it as a ritual.
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