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I write a weekly newsletter, sent out on Monday nights, covering the latest things I'm working on, thoughts on education, software, and whatever else catches my fancy.

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36: Colliding spatial ideas
35: Retreating to values
34: Looping
33: Terminals aren't terminal
32: Taking Stock
31: Making a course
30: Walking before you runtime
29: Lifelogging on the log
28: Interfaces and Running out of Yaks
27: Cut one feature down, another rises in it's place
26: Progress and APIs
25: Append-only notetaking
24: Digging into some programming history
23: Implementing a map function
22: Chugging along, looping with repls
21: What's Next
20: Getting back to plain text
19: Why my website's built with react
18: Digital learning environments, Monome and Emacs
17: Tasks, linetime, and timelines
16: Speakeasy and programming social networks
15: Making an ebook and exploring Urbit
14: Databases, Maps, and Manuals
13: Imagining new learning technologies
12: Creativity in Crisis
11: Trying out some structure
10: The tortoise and the hare both win
9: Digital housekeeping and homesteading
8: Indexes, games, and
7: An internet barkeep and a blogchain bookclub
6: A bit of betting
5: Gamedevs do it better
4: A magical spell
3: Growing schools
2: Tools and Schools
1: High and low