Education in a time between worlds


Basic structures: John Rawls, social structures that we enter into by virtue of entering society at all

1: Education in the anthropocene

An educational crisis occurs when the complexity (diversity, quality) of task demands outstrips the available capabilities. This can happen to both individuals and socieites. - 18

  • math and science reforms directly stemmed from the launch of sputnik. 84
  • monasteries during the dark ages were a decentralized learning network

Due to the crisis of the world-system and accelerating trends in informational technologies, in the coming decades public schools around the globe will fragment into educational marketplaces. This will result in incredible diversity and stratification. I believe this will eventually give way to a radical rethinking of schooling almost by default, as direct-to-consumer offerings and innovations in artificial intelligence-based tutoring systems and social network coordinated pop-up classrooms begin to reshape the educational landscape. Given this opening and fragmentation, there are sweeping, almost science fiction-like vistas for educational futures where state schools have disintegrated into thousands of for-profit "edu shops" that sell software and face time, or where massive online public schools teach millions of students exactly the same ideas in exactly the same ways, as kids sit at home in front of state-distributed screens for hours on end. These are some of the futures we must fight. - 86

  • the critique of schools as incapable of meeting the needs of system students is different from the usual one. Instead of saying that it's not preparing students for the future or that it's not preparing students for the problems of the present and for shaping the future.
  • citation 46 is enticing
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