Making small thoughts public

date2019-05-02blurbA commitment to tweeting my little sparks

I keep small thoughts, or sparks in a single file. These could be proto-blog posts, or inspiration for programs I want to write, or just an idea that crossed my mind.

This let's me get things out of my head and into a place I won't lose them. But, if I don't go back to an idea immediately it'll tends to indefinitely, which creates a a negative feedback loop where because I know I won't look at them I neglect to add sparks in the first place.

The main reason I do want to look at these ideas is so I can figure out some ways to communicate them. Whether that means writing code, a blog post, or just arriving at some mental model that let's me talk about them easily, the main purpose of writing these down is to be able to talk about them.

With that in mind:

A solution: Tweet one spark every day

Once every two days I'll pull a spark and tweet it out.


  • it gets me to talk about ideas
  • encourage myself to write things so I have backlog
  • forces me to look at my ideas file

One tweet every other day isn't enough for me to feel like it's a lot of overhead, or that it's creating a lot of noise, but is enough for it to feel like a consistent habit.

Stretch goal

An interesting extension of this would be to force myself to tag someone I think would be interested in the idea. This feels spammy, but also in my experience most people are open and excited if one is genuinely reaching out to them based on their interests. I'll dwell on it more and see.


This could easily get consumed by social media habits. If the goal becomes tweeting the "most interesting" thing, it could backfire and influence the kinds of ideas I write down or communicate. I plan to keep an eye out for this happening.

small ideas

Once I actually start doing these I'll list em here along with the twitter threads!

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